Tyson - Counterparts

by Tyson

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released December 31, 2013

Produced by TYSON
Engineered by Stefan Walter & Michael Möller
Mixed & Mastered by Ulf Nagel
Recorded from January-August 2012
at Basement-Studio, Eckernförde
and in Schwentinental, Germany.
All songs written, arranged & performed by TYSON
Cover-Layout by Andre Koch 2013
Photos by Andreas Brüggemann



all rights reserved


Tyson Kiel, Germany

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Track Name: Counterparts

Ridin´ high on the back of the innocent
Playing God on the top of it all
Your side of the coin makes the difference
It defines if you rise or fall
Freedom based on a crown made of ignorance
While the mob´s pulling bricks off the wall
Every step that you take is a consequence
To a step another man took before

Love / Hate - two reasons for pain
Black / White - never-ending game
Life / Death - killing all the same
Heaven / Hell - end of the line

Within our sainted hearts
In relation
We all are counterparts
There is no freedom without fight
No darkness without light
No hope without the suffering
We all are counterparts

This life is more than just an offer
It is a debt without denial
To get ahead we need to suffer
To get the price we have to die


No fear to start
This time we take it hard
Straight from the heart
We all are counterparts

Life time
Track Name: Bullet In Your Mouth
Bullet In Your Mouth

Look inside my eyes right now
What you see is what you fear
Kind of enemy somehow
Face it now, face it here
Spit your hate into my eyes
No hesitation
Getting rid of all your lies
No retention

Nothing is as shallow as it seems
No holding back
In the end the least will bleed
Beside the track

Bullet in your mouth
Bullet in your mouth
You got a bullet in your mouth
Bullet in your mouth

How do you spell disregard
This time you´re crossing the border
No way back again
Beware of every word you say
Becoming some kind of murder
Guilty in the end

Bullet in your mouth

Look inside my eyes right now
What you see is what you fear
Kind of enemy somehow
This is a lesson of respect
Track Name: The Storm
The Storm

The mind is swallowed by the pain
Only shadows will remain
And time is running faster
So, when my soul is turning black
No return – no way back
Feels like suicide disaster

Waiting for the storm to come
To wash it all away
To make it all undone
And set a brandnew day
Waiting for the rain to fall
To change it all
To run back time
And find a brandnew way

The mouth of madness opens wide
Redemption on the other side
Another soullight fading
There´s nothing darker than betrayal
In a world that has failed
And the afterworld is waiting

Waiting for the storm to come
Track Name: Last Rebellion
Last Rebellion

Taking over
For the last time ´til we surrender
A big time bang for pretenders
Breaking the habits
The prime time call for attention
A call for bringing it down, down, down

The track is fading away
When there is no one to follow
Give me something to stay

Times are changing
But the world still keeps on turning
No matter who is broken down to the ground

Don´t miss the show
Time waits for no one
We are ready to go

Hey Ho
We are the last ones
Out of control
Blessed with heart and soul
One for all
Last rebellion

Chains are made to be broken
Pride is our device
Attitude´s mistoken
Telling no disguise
Hey now, listen to mayhem
Watch the betrayed
Get the unspoken
Never look back
Never look back
Go straight forward, deepen the track
Track Name: Sleep Of The Just
Sleep Of The Just

Tenthousand voices
And a flag of hate
To bring salvation to the world
In the name of freedom
On a trail of blood
Absurd crusade against the reason

I wash my hands
In innocence
I´m unawakened
I rest my head
To unsoiled bed
Sleep of the just

The hidden masters
Judge and accused
The dogs of war are running blind
So what – no one really cares
So what – current affairs
So what – not worth the bother

What we get is what we deserve
Track Name: Atomic Boy
Atomic Boy

Hey boy, taking a ride on a rocket
Atomic dreams of a better world
Ain´t it fun to decide who the bad is
Ain´t it fun to be God for a while
“Set up your personal doomsday”
Getting rid of the old ways
There is one thing I surely know
Everything gets out of control

Out of control

Hey boy, don´t be afraid of the trigger
Where is your faith in a higher ground
Dedicated to all your ghosts and the demons
A little step, just to blow them away
Too late to stop the rocket on a mission
Too late to quit when you made your decision
In the end hold your breath for a second
This is for the mayhem

When everything is said and done
We kill ourselves for nothing

Atomic boy
Track Name: Reflections

Silver surface for counterparts
All your secrets in hush
Deceits of reality
Until your presence will crush

Don´t trust your reflections
Still there when ya turning
From another dimension
Subliminal warning

Nothing is like it seems to be
Something´s hidden beyond
Watch your back, never turn around
When the voices respond

Don´t trust your reflections

Chimeras waiting in between
To bring you to the other side
Those things inside cannot be seen
Only create to fool your mind
Track Name: All The Pain
Raise Your Voice

Growing anger in your eyes
And the black is getting colder
Like a mental overdose
As you know this time it´s over
When time is not enough
All the promises are broken
Who cares about right and wrong
When there´s nothing left inside
So we pray
Tomorrow´s not the same
When the dawn is coming closer
And everyone is to blame
The way is out of sight
So we die

Raise your voice and sing for better days
Raise your voice to change the old ways
When we all have the guts
To step out of the cage
Like a spark to a flame
Giving voice to the rage
Raise your voice and sing for better days

Feel the burden on your soul
A heavy load on your shoulder
In the shape of things to come
While you´re growing older
To outlast the big-headed
Go ahead to break the chains
Don´t stop until you get it
Feel the power in your veins
Track Name: House Of Fire
House Of Fire

Time is not enough to end the suffering
We need to built a house of fire
On solid ground we´ll burn it brick by brick
The flames will take us higher

Nothing lasts forever
To stand the test of time
Get your best together
And we will cross the line

Now the time is right to let go yesterdays
Leaving bad memories in ashes
There is no reason to look back again
Another time, another place for crashes
Track Name: Intoxication

All the boundaries are broken
What was buried inside
Hate and pain created
Now the beast is alive
I am chokin´
All resistance´s futile
When it is coming back
There´s no redemption in the end
Out of the track
I am chokin´
To be broken

It´s running through my veins
Running through my veins

This one´s familiar
This one is for real
It´s taking control of me
Everything I feel
No more, no more
Defined: control no more
Now it´s alive, now it´s alive
I´m alive!

It´s running through my veins
And it´s driving me insane
Track Name: When I Come Home
When I Come Home

World trapped in violence
The innocent turned to obscene
God left in silence
Unholy death machine
No doubt that we are committed
To the beast we fed so far
Mankind is overrated
Nemesis to what we are

Hell´s made for sinners
Even now we burn in hell
Like raw beginners
Gambling our souls away
No doubt that we die forever
Onward to decay
This life isn´t getting better
We lost it on the way

Will you love me when I come home
Embrace me that I´m not alone
Forgive me for what I have done
When I come home

All that we are
Is men gone too far

Will you love me when I come home
Embrace me that I´m not alone
Forgive me for what I have done
When I come home
Track Name: Social Swing Bomb
Social Time Bomb

Don´t try to make me part of your system
No, no, no!
Don´t try to make me one of your dogs
No, no, no!
I´m a freak, I´m a rock n´ roll bastard
I´m everything you´re on to blame
Among all the broken-minded
I break the rules of your game

Get out of my way
Get out of my way

Like a bomb, like a fucking forgotten
Go, go, go!
Like a barrel full of dynamite
Go, go, go!
We are disease for your army of assholes
We are the death for political Christ
One day you´ll choke on your values
Get it right or get lost in lies

Get out of my way
Get out of my way

Social time bomb

We are disease for the core
Get out of my way